Jumbo Paper Doll


Join Alile on her 1000 Paper Doll Journey as she celebrates her 70th birthday and Ujamaa- Cooperative Economics. Buy your one-of -a-kind Collage Paper Doll created, numbered, and signed by Alile.

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*Each doll is hand-crafted. Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.



Paper Doll Hand Puppet


Visually stunning and environmentally responsible. Create memorable story-time moments and Provide endless hours of entertainment for both children and adults alike.

*Each doll is hand-crafted. Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

Dreadlocks Paper Doll Collage Kit

Paper Doll Collage Kit


Teach caring for Mama Earth in a fun and creative way. This kit is designed to bring a sense of environmental awareness to children and adults alike, and encourage them to act as responsible citizens of the planet. With this kit, you get to create beautiful and fun paper dolls with dreadlocked hair using eco-friendly materials. By using sustainable and recycled materials to make these dolls, you will be contributing to the conservation of our planet. This kit is perfect for anyone who is looking for an engaging and entertaining way to teach both children and adults about the importance of taking care of the environment. The kit contains everything you need to create your own paper dolls, including instructions, templates, and eco-friendly art supplies. It’s time to care for Mama Earth, one paper doll at a time!

Dreadlocks and the 3 Bears (Hardcover Book)


The award-winning children’s video Dreadlocks and the Three Bears is now a picture book.

Meet world traveler, Dreadlocks, a cinnamon-brown girl with lots and lots of African curls who makes the best cheese-grits in the Teddy Bear Forest.

This the award-winning children’s classic puts a fresh twist on an old fairytale. Follow Dreadlocks on her adventures through the Teddy Bear Forest and her unforgettable encounter with the three bears as she discovers a better way to make peace.

And don’t forget the best part: her delicious cheese-grits! Perfect for both cozy story time or a fun read-aloud. Yum!